By: Trevor Grout
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As free agency approached Donald Penn assumed his job was, safe that was until roughly fifteen minutes before Anthony Collins was signed as the newest Buccaneers left tackle. On SiriusXM's radio show "Late Hits"Penn explained his utter surprise when receiving that phone call from team management.

“Then I start seeing all of these reports that they are bringing in [Anthony] Collins for a visit. It is still in my head that they are bringing Collins in to play a different position because they had cut Davin [Joseph]. Then, that morning, the day they cut me, my phone was blowing up that Collins agreed to a deal." Penn Said "And how did I feel about that? I didn't say anything because I didn't know anything. I hadn't heard anything from the Bucs. They call me ten or fifteen minutes before the press conference and tell me I'm released."

Penn continued that he was shocked how the new Buccaneers regime handled the whole experience after having great conversations with both Lovie Smith and George Warhop.

“I'm a grown man and they could have treated me like a grown man. It's part of the business and there is a way to do business, but I didn't like the way that they did it. … I've talked to Lovie twice since he's had the head coaching job and that was a month before free agency started." Said Penn "I talked to the o-line coach [George Warhop]; I talked to the o-line coach about two weeks before the start of free agency started and everything was great. It was good. They were telling me they looked forward to working with me."

Following how he was treated and the announcement of Anthony Collins 5 year $30 Million dollar contract. Penn knew that's the way the NFL is sometimes but that doesn't stop him from being a little angry at his old team.

"It's part of the business, but the way to do business, but I didn't like they way they did it, but I do have a big chip on my shoulder and I'm coming back this year with a vengeance."

Penn also had some encouraging words for whoever his quarterback is in Oakland.

"Whoever the quarterback is they're gonna be able to sleep better at night knowing I am going to protecting their backside."