Say this for Greg Schiano, he does not back down from criticism. Or in his words, "cower" down.

Schiano, as he does each Monday, faced the fans' phone calls. Naturally the fans aren't happy about an 0-6 start.

"I could say 'trust me' but I know that's not what you want to hear," said Schiaon. "So all I'll say is hang in there. And when this thing gets rolling, you'll look back and you'll say, 'OK, I understand now'."

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The coach also addressed questions about various rumors, including some reports that he was the source who leaked information that former Buc quarterback Josh Freeman was in the league's substance abuse program.

"There's been a lot of rumors, and quite frankly none of them have been proven true," Schiano said. "Anybody knows who's been around me... integrity, and doing things the right way is what I'm known for, and why I got this job I believe. And that hasn't changed."

In general Schiano was calm but also adamant about defending himself.

"I don't know what the response people are looking for. Do you want me to say 'Oh that's it, we can't do it?' Guys, we're gonna do it. I'm not gonna cower down and say this isn't gonna get done, 'cause it is gonna get done."

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