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By Dory LeBlanc

Any time an NFL team releases what was thought to be their franchise quarterback and is winless through six games, the head coach will be faced with having to answer questions about that player long after both parties have moved on, as well as questions about his own job security moving forward; Wednesday morning on the NFL Network's NFL AM, Greg Schiano was asked about both.

As he did in his press conference Tuesday, Schiano admitted he did not watch Josh Freeman in his first start with the Vikings Monday night against the Giants, adding there was more important things for him to tend to.

"I'll you guys, I really didn't have time to watch the Monday Night Football game, we're in the middle of a short week getting ready for a really good Carolina team," Schiano said. "But I will tell you, that as an organization we've moved on from that (Freeman) and really are very thrilled with the way Mike Glennon is developing, so [we're] looking forward to seeing him get better and better." 

Through the three games Glennon has started, he has completed 76-of-130 passes (58.5-percent) for five TDs and three interceptions, for a QB rating of 77.1. Despite the losses and Glennon's decling quarterback rating, Schiano is confident that Glennon is the guy that can help turn their season around.

"Mike (Glennon) is really a very good football player," Schiano said, "He understands the game, has a great work ethic, loves to study, loves to prepare and I think the thing he does best is, he reads out every pass play. He can run the operation, do all those things, but when he drops back to pass, he reads it out the way he's coached and that gives you a chance on every pass play."

If the Bucs can't turn it around, many people in the Tampa Bay area and nationally, feel that Schiano's tenure won't last to see the new year. 

Schiano insists it won't come to that. 

"I think it all comes to the quality of people you have in that locker room," Schiano said. "When you look at the guys that we have - we have Gerald McCoy, Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson on defense, then offensively - Davin Joseph and Vincent Jackson, leadership like that carries the locker room. We have good coaches, [our] relationship with the players is strong, so when you have tough times, that's what you rely upon; that's the backbone of your program. This team, we have some bumps and bruises, but we have a good football team and we're going to win our share of games, we just have to get the worm to turn, and that's what we're trying to do right now."

Schiano added, "We'll win our share, don't worry."

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