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The defense has a new look for the 2014 season. They are going to play more of a 3-4 defensive scheme rather than the 4-3 they ran majority of the time last year.

The 3-4 lets the defense do a lot of things they couldn't do with the 4-3. Defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan explains the possibilities.

"Getting a good mix of the 3-4 in there gets our athletes on the field and gives us more versatility," Bresnahan said.

The 3-4 defense is new to a lot of guys on this defense. Bresnahan talks about the transition.

"The transition has been a work in progress, but I'm anxious to see how we do (Wednesday) in this first scrimmage and then carry on from there," Bresnahan said. "It's a building process, you know, we're kind of laying the foundation right now, but I'm excited about where we're at because of the number of athletes we have. Again, it's work in progress but going in the right direction."

Defensive lineman Elkino Watson likes the 3-4 and talks about what he likes most about it.

"What I like the most about the 3-4 is how every other play we're stunting around moving, so nobody is really staying still, so it kind of makes it hard for linemen to block you when you're moving across their face a lot," Watson said.

Coach Bresnahan and the rest of the staff will continue to evaluate the defensive line and the defense as a whole during the Wednesday scrimmage and another one on Saturday.

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