BY: John Mamola

With the addition of new Tampa Bay head coach Lovie Smith, expectations are as high as they have been in quite some time among the fan base.  Restlessness is setting in with it being six years since the last playoff appearance for the pewter and red, plus combined record of 28-52 over the past five seasons.

However Lovie Smith's name alone and the impact of the roster re-shuffling that new General Manager Jason Licht has taken on has injected a jolt of energy and excitement around Tampa Bay that hasn't been seen in some time.

ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton joined WDAE's "The Ron and Ian Show" on Thursday, and said while expectations are high fans must understand winning takes time.

"I certainly think they can get somewhere close to .500,” Clayton said. “Because I think with what they’ve done in getting younger on the offensive line and trying to make the changes and get a little more pass rush on defense, they should be able to make a little bit of a jump closer to the top."

Clayton noted the Saints are re-tooled for another strong season, and Atlanta should bounce back in 2014 after a disappointing 2013 campaign. 

Photo Courtesy of Dory LeBlanc