Photo Credit: Getty Images

By Dory LeBlanc

Donald Penn spoke to the media Wednesday in open locker room, saying the media is to blame for the public's perception of Josh Freeman. 

Tuesday evening Penn appeared on SiriusXM radio and in interview said "they are trying to bring him down," when asked who "they" are this afternoon, Penn didn't pull any punches.

"Y'all, the media," Penn answered. "The media. The media. The media. Y'all.

"Y'all are trying to find every way to try and [tarnish] his character and make it seem like he's not a good guy, like he's not a good person, like this is all his fault. That's y'all reporting this stuff. It's y'all."

The often-outspoken left tackle cut off a follow up question and asked if the reporters could ask about the Bucs, adding "This Freeman stuff is getting old."

To hear what Penn had to say in its entirety, click below: