In an exclusive interview with WDAE's Rick Stroud from Hawaii, Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis addressed issues the team had with former head coach Greg Schiano.

Revis questioned Schiano's coaching schemes but also said the team had overall problems with the atmosphere he created.

"Guys didn't like coming to work," Revis said. "That's one of the things you have to have, a stress-free atmosphere and environment."

Stroud came on the Sports Page from Hawaii early Thursday and said Revis wasn't coming from a vindictive place, just giving his honest assessment of Schiano's performance.

"It was a learning experience for him, and hopefully if he ever gets another stab at it, he'll do things differently," Revis said.

He added that other players in the league thought some of the Bucs' schemes on the field were a "joke".

Head HERE for Rick's full story written for Thursday's Tampa Bay Times.