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If you pay close attention to what the teams in front of the Buccaneers are doing, you may be able to see what may unfold.

Since the trade of Mike Williams last Friday to Buffalo, the link between the Bucs and drafting a wide receiver — particularly Texas A&M's Mike Evans — started to pop up across several media outlets. Fact is, Tampa Bay should have been linked to a wide receiver even before the trade occurred. Difference now is that they need one and they may be fortunate enough to land one of the top receivers in the draft.

The St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders (who pick second, fourth, and fifth respectively) all went out and got wide receivers during free agency. Rams signed Kenny Britt, Raiders signed James Jones, and the Browns signed Nate Burleson. The move gives each team at least two guaranteed starters at wide receiver and increases the chances of Oakland and Cleveland drafting a quarterback.

If that is the case then Houston, Jacksonville, and Atlanta are left and have no immediate need of drafting a wide receiver — leaving the Bucs to potentially select Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins.

The wildcard team here is the Rams. If they find a suitor, they can easily trade down from second overall depending on what Houston does at No. 1. But no matter how you mock it up, the Buccaneers are in a nice spot with the seventh pick.

A player like Watkins can easily fall on the lap of Lovie Smith and Jason Licht. It's all hypothetical but if the cards are lining up the way they are, Tampa Bay can find themselves with the top wide receiver prospect on their sidelines every Sunday.












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