BY: John Mamola /

The Florida Gators aren’t exactly having the greatest of seasons this year as they walk into their match up with Missouri on Saturday with two losses, one in conference.   A team that has been decimated by injuries over the entire course of the year has some beginning to believe that the Gators are slipping as a power team in the SEC. 

ESPN’s college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit says although the year has been tough for the Gators’ faithful, there is no reason to believe that Florida is losing its edge at all.

“I still think they’re an elite program” said Herbstreit.  “You have to look at the situation.  To me they have just never been able to replace the quarterback (Tim Tebow).  Think about where they’ve been with their passing game since 2008.  I just don’t feel like we’ve seen consistency at the quarterback position or the wide receiver position, and that’s an area if you’re Will Muschamp or Brent Pease (offensive coordinator) they got to be able to recruit and find players in those positions.”

Herbstreit believes the trend of the college game is heading towards scoring a lot of points in games to win, and the Gators need an offense that is balanced and able to put a ton of points on the board in a competitive SEC.  Herbstreit also dived into the new College Football Playoff selection committee, saying believes everyone on the board is well qualified to do the job and hopes that they are as committed to their important roles in the game of college football.

“They have to watch the games, and they have to truly rank them based on how they’re playing.  Not their reputation and not their tradition, they have to do it based on what they’re seeing this season from these teams.”