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Major League Baseball approved a new protective cap for pitchers to wear while on the mound this season, and a former Rays pitcher was the first to wear one while in a game.

San Diego's Alex Torres entered last night's game between the Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers wearing the oversized cap, and both San Diego's Dick Enberg and Vin Scully of the Dodgers made note of the cap, with the Padres crew joking about could be hidden inside the giant hat.

Watch Alex Torres using the protective cap!

"It could save our lives, if someone hits a ball to your head," Torres told Will Laws of "I get it for free, so I'm just gonna use it to see how it feels."

As for a noted difference in weight between the standard players cap and the protective one, the left-hander says it's minimal.

"The difference between how this hat and the regular hat feels isn't much," Torres explained to Laws.  "I tried it before using it in the game, playing catch. It doesn't feel really bad. It doesn't feel like how it looks on my head."

His former teammate, Rays starting pitcher Alex Cobb, hadn't seen the video of Torres wearing the cap, but was glad that someone took the step forward to be the first.

"It was out there for someone to be the first person to do it," Cobb said.  "A step in the right direction again, to have someone go out there and take the risk in being willing to see how it feels, and hopefully get some feedback on how it went for him."

Cobb also said he was not surprised that a player didn't wait until next spring to try the protective cap in a game setting.

"I don't think it was too surprising," the right-hander explained.  "It's cool.  Hopefully more guys will try them out."

Listen to Alex Cobb's thoughts on Alex Torres wearing the cap below!