BY: John Mamola

It’s no secret that the Tampa Bay Rays are the prime example of a Major League Baseball team doing the most with the least and yet being able to compete at the highest level in roughly the toughest division in baseball.  Credit is given to everyone in the organization from top to bottom but the roster is molded by a team of staff members headed by Tampa Bay Rays General Manager Andrew Friedman.  

It would be very tough to give a bad grade to Friedman and his team, and ESPN insider and former member of the Toronto Blue Jays front office Jim Bowden wouldn’t give a bad mark to WDAE’s ‘The Ron and Ian Show’ on Wednesday.

“You’ve give it (Friedman) a straight A and that’s the highest grade you give.  I don’t give A plusses because I never got them in school ” said Bowen.  “I think Andrew Friedman is one of the most cerebral intelligent GMs in the game.”

Bowden credits his grade for Freidman to his “historic” job as the face of the front office in Tampa Bay.  According to Bowden, Friedman is aggressive and holds all his relationships with other GMs in the best standing while working on angles all the time for the Rays to get better. 

“When you look at a team that’s always 26th to 30th in payroll and you have a team that compete that competes with the Yankees, Red Sox and all these big market teams, Billy Beane (Athletics’ GM) is the only other GM in the sport that is in that same conversation.”