Former Rays pitcher Dirk Hayhurst made national headlines last week for claiming that Boston pitcher Clay Buchholz doctored the baseball, and on Wednesday Hayhurst went quite a bit further when he joined the Sports Page.

Hayhurst said he has nothing against Buchholz. That's because Buchholz, says Hayhurst, isn't doing anything unusual.

Everybody does it.

"This is what fascinates me about this entire topic. I didn't just call out Clay Buchholz for this, even though there was video evidence that he was definitely going to something on his forearm," Hayhurst said on WDAE. "I called out everyone in baseball because frankly, everyone does it. Everyone puts something on the ball."

Hayhurst included himself in that group.

"Guys find a way to get an edge, usually it's for grip. You know what, I personally am not bothered by it because I had to do it myself. I can't deny what I saw and I won't try to."