Darek Sharp / 620wdae.com

From a baseball standpoint Rays officials were all smiles regarding Friday's signing of first baseman James Loney.

But from a salary-cap point of view... well, it is the Rays.

"I think it's an unaffordable figure for our franchise," Andrew Friedman said Friday as the team discussed the cap figure that at the moment would have the Rays at $72 million for the upcoming season.

Naturally a trade of David Price would alleviate the number. But it might also subtract from the team's chances for success. And judging by what the team's Executive Vice President of Operations had to say Friday, they feel they're success could be pretty substantial with the current roster.

"It's certainly not a sustainable number in terms of where we are revenue-wise. But we felt like we had a really good chance to be great next year. That's why we're doing what we're doing," Friedman said.

Head to THIS link for more comments courtesy of our friends at the Tampa Bay Times. Joe Smith's story also has comments from Loney, who said though other teams were interested Tampa Bay "is where I wanted to be."