Rays' pitching coach Jim Hickey talked to Ron and Ian Monday morning and shared his thoughts about the controversy between David Price and MLB Umpire Tom Hallion. 

Hickey said that he thinks Hallion is a very good umpire and he isn't completely sure what exactly went down yesterday in Chicago.

Several players backed up the 2012 AL Cy Young winner's accusation that Hallion used profanity which is what prompted a public twitter outcry from key members of the Rays' rotation

Hickey said after the game, it was a big deal at first.

"At the time it was not that big of a deal," Hickey said. "On get-away day, you're just trying to pack yourself up and get out the door.

"I think the whole entire bench heard him use that word (the "F-Word") and if that is the case, and he's claiming that he didn't, then I think that's the reason the whole entire bench reacted the way they did and that's the reason [Jeremy] Hellickson was thrown out of the game, just because that did not happen. 

"The bench reacted and the umpire looks at the bench like 'Hey, keep it down over there,' and he doesn't really know who's saying what so he just picks a guy and tosses him. 

"But for him (Hallion) to say he didn't (use profanity) I think the whole entire bench would disagree."

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