Rays manager Joe Maddon was notably less than his optimistic self after a weekend of missing scoring opportunities. That tack held Monday morning when Maddon joined the Ron and Ian Show.

Maddon came on just about an hour before first pitch. 

"Nobody's been stinging the ball, that's been part of our problem," he said. "We're making a lot of contact but it's soft or weaker contact. When you do that the defense gets bigger. You have to hit the ball hard."

But he did express optimism that things will change relatively soon.

Maddon also discussed his frustration over not being able to have a reliable No. 3 hitter, leaving Evan Longoria unprotected and himself having to fill that spot.

"Primarily right now I'm just waiting for somebody to show up, to get (Longoria) back to the 4," he said. "Right now I don't see enough people feeding into him right now."

Ron and Ian also asked about the inevitable calls for Wil Myers.

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