by Ryan Adams
The job of an umpire is not an easy one.  No one would ever say otherwise.  For the Rays this season, it seems that multiple times a week, the umpire crews have come to the ballpark ready to frustrate and infuriate not just the fans watching at home and in attendance, but the Rays skipper Joe Maddon especially.  Sure it makes for great entertainment to see 'ol "Jo-Ma" storm up the steps and get in the faces of guys like Tom Hallion, Angel Hernandez, Joe West, and lately the most consistent offender - Marty Foster.  It brings on a chuckle, albeit a nervous one.
On this current 10-game homestand, just three games in, Joe Maddon had seen enough Wednesday night during the sixth inning of the Rays 10-4 victory over the Blue Jays.  For the second straight game, Maddon was ejected - this time without even having to walk up those steps after arguing a call on a ball that should have been an easy grounder to James Loney at first base off the bat of Maicer Izturis.  Instead, it was said the ball was foul based on the fact that it apparently hit Izturis on the foot before making it's way down the first base line in fair territory.  Replays clearly showed the ball did not make contact with Izturis and Maddon, not even needing to see a replay, knew the truth.  Thus prompting him to jaw with the umpires from his place in the home dugout - and then get sent packing to watch the rest of the game from the clubhouse.
"I have to defend myself I think they've all been warranted," Maddon said of his ejections this season. "The thing tonight, I just can't permit that."
Maddon now leads the Majors in manger ejections with three already in this early season.