by Steve Carney
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Matt Moore said his two times facing Boston's Xander Bogaerts Sunday in Fort Myers were very similar, except for the outcomes.

"Got him his first at-bat 0-2," the lefthander said.  "The second time, he got me."

Moore became the latest pitcher to have a line drive come screaming back at him in Sunday's win over the Boston Red Sox.  Luckily, it appeared that Moore got his hand up to deflect the shot just enough that it caused a swollen lip which required a couple of stitches.

 Watch the video of Matt Moore's scary encounter with a line drive below!

The lefty said afterwards he wasn't sure if he deflected the ball, but didn't know how he didn't come out with worse injuries.

"I can't believe that it really just came off his bat and hit me in the face, and this is what happened," Moore reasoned.  "I would think there would be little more.  I think I'd be missing some teeth."

Moore said he will undergo an X-Ray in Port Charlotte on Monday to check for any fractures in his jaw as well as to ensure his teeth were not broken near the root.  He believes that the incident should not affect his availability for the regular season, though he is counting his blessings.

"I'm probably very fortunate this happened on a Sunday, the Lord's day, and maybe not on another day, but I definitely feel fortunate to just have it hit my mouth."

Moore also tweeted his thanks for the fans' support afterward.

Listen below to Moore's comments on the incident below!