BY: Darek Sharp /

Tyoka Jackson, who backed up Warren Sapp in the late 1990s along the Buc defensive line, didn't candycoat his true feelings on Sapp when he joined Ron and Ian.

"Honestly there weren't a whole lot of guys that did get along with him.," Jackson said, referring to Sapp's abrasive personality.

Jackson's locker was right next to Sapp's, by the way.

Oh and there's a caveat to Jackson's personal feeings.

"From Monday to Saturday, really couldn't stand Number 99. It was rough... but on Sunday, he was my best friend. I loved  Warren Sapp on Sundays."

To hear all of what Jackson had to say -- he dished strong too on the current Buc line, and how it might be more at fault for last year's poor performance than even was the secondary -- click the following podcast.