New York Giants DT Shaun Rodgers picked up a chick at Miami Beach's Club LIV and brought her back to his room at the Fountainebleau (which houses the hot spot). All that sounds pretty normal for a professional athlete, right?

Here's where it takes a turn: The woman waited until Rodgers passed out and then robbed him of almost $500,000 of bling.

From the NY Post:

"The three-time Pro Bowler, 34, told police he stashed the jewels in the room safe as soon as he got back, and eventually went to sleep while the others kept partying.

When he woke up at about 12:30 p.m., his date had disappeared, and he tried to get into the safe to check on his pricey bangles and ice.

But he couldn’t get the door open.

'Hotel security was called, and after some difficulty was able to open the safe. The victim realized most of his valuables were missing,' a Miami police report states.

Rogers, who is not married, didn’t know his date’s name, but was able to provide cops with a phone number of a woman who was with her in the club earlier."

Rodgers has had two previous brushes on the other side of the law: in June 2007 he was accused of sexually assaulting a stripper (charges were never filed), and in April 2010 he was busted at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for having a loaded gun in his carry-on.