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Steve Isbitts from our coverage partners joined Ian Friday morning and talked about all of the distractions circling the locker room at One Buc Place this week.

Ian and Isbitts open up the conversation in agreement that all signs are pointing to head coach Greg Schiano and quarterback Josh Freeman having a difficult time co-existing in the future.

"Yeah, I don't even want to say the word 'issue,'" Isbitts said, "It's not a good mix when you have a quarterback who clearly has not only been an inconsistent on the field, but inconsistent off the field," Isbitts said, "And you've got a head coach who clearly doesn't trust the guy on the field."

Isbitts went on to say, "Ultimately it comes down to money; you're not going to pay Josh $16-, $18 million if you don't trust him."

To hear Ian and Isbitt's entire conversation, including what's going on in the Bucs' locker room, click below: