By: Jennifer Dixon


The NFL announced yesterday that concussions have dropped 13% from 2012 to 2013. Dr. Mularoni from All Children’s Hospital stopped by the Sports Page to discuss these findings. Even though he finds it good that the numbers of concussions are going down, he is still concerned with the amount of instances that are occurring. 

“If you look at the regular season numbers, one-in-eight NFL players gets concussed in a season. Those numbers are still pretty high,” Mularoni said. 

The study also provided that even though the NFL is cutting down on helmet-to-helmet hits, it doesn’t necessary bring down the number of concussions. 

“The number of concussions happening from head-to-head injuries have decreased,” said Mularoni. “It also shows us that you don’t need a helmet-to-helmet hit to get a concussion,” Mularoni also said.


Click below to listen to rest of Dr. Mularoni’s interview and to hear what he said about the number of ACL injuries going down.