BY: John Mamola

So NBA star Metta World Peace (a.k.a. Ron Artest) is done with his new name after nearly three years with it.  The China Daily explains why the former Lakers/Bulls/Pacers/Kings/Rockets/Knicks forward is finished with the name.


The new high-profile import,who is going to play for the Chinese basketball Association club Sichuan Blue Whales, is known as Ron Artest, but intends to change his name to "Panda Friend" in honor of his move to China, Changsha-based sports weekly newspaper Titan Sports reported.

Apparently excited by his China trip, the "Panda Friend" tweeted he would be visiting the pandas with his daughter, while also adding that he would be changing his name in honor of his move.

But China Daily was incorrect as Peace/Artest had to correct the paper about the new moniker.


Could be worse.  We could be talking about a revival of Ron Metta The Artest World Panda Peace Friend's rapping career.