BY: John Mamola

After four years and no major title wins, Tiger Woods has fired his swing coach Sean Foley.  Tiger put the firing out for public display on his website Monday he will no longer work with Foley.

Woods has had back trouble the last year and is taking the next three months to get stronger and fully recover before hitting the links.  Foley was Woods’ third coach after he left Butch Harmon in 2003 and began working with Hank Haney a year later.

He parted with Haney in the spring of 2010 when Woods returned from the scandal in his personal life.

No word on who Woods will team with next, but at least moving into 2015 the jinx of swing coach Sean Foley will no longer keep down the great Tiger Woods.

Because his swing is the problem.  Sure.






Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images