BY: John Mamola

Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter is the first witness at a closely watched public hearing to decide whether or not college athletes could form a organized union.  The recently graduated two-time team captain of the Wildcats testified Tuesday at a National Labor Relations Board hearing in Chicago that is expected to last up to three days.

Colter has said most of the football team's 85 scholarship players support forming a union, even though he (Colter) has been the only one to step forward publicly and speak to support the measure.

If college football players were allowed for form a union, that would dramatically change the landscape of college sports in general.  The NCAA maintains that students are not employees but the bid by the student athletes is being supported publically by the United Steelworkers union.

The pivotal question for the hearing is whether college athletes could qualify as employees even though most if not all college athletes are on some form of scholarship.

The hearing is expected to be completed by Thursday.